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Director - interpretation of a dream

If dreamed you that you talk to the director, then in real life you should feel many alarms and disorders. To be reprimanded by the director - to good bargain. This dream foretells to the young head great success in all affairs. If dreams you that you are a director, then shortly you will be overtaken unawares. Besides, it is possible that you should fight for implementation of plans who are not fated to come true. If the young woman dreams the director nude, then she should not be under a delusion concerning the welfare. If in a dream it seems to you that the director is not indifferent to the secretary, then such dream foretells to the girl a meeting with its destiny. Such dream says to the man that it is necessary to weigh everything for and against the forthcoming marriage. If dreamed you that you are with the director in an informal situation (for example, on a picnic or any corporate holiday), then in the circumstances nothing will help you with real life as you have very strong opponent or circumstances develop against you.

Subject: Profession
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