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Apartment - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see yourself in the unfamiliar apartment, means that soon in your life there will be considerable changes. To the best or to the worst - depends because as the apartment seen by you looks. In case the apartment light and spacious, by all means smiles to you good luck. If the apartment causes at you gloomy feelings, then you should not expect success. If dreamed you that you intend to lease the apartment, then in reality on you presses a burden which you are not able to solve independently. To dream the apartment, but in any unusual look (at strange lighting, with other furniture and so on), means that the attempts made by you to change the life have every chance to be crowned with success. If in a dream you cannot leave the apartment in any way, then in reality it can warn that the planned travel will be saddened or ruined with unpleasant news.

Subject: Buildings
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