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Wedding - interpretation of a dream

If dreamed the young woman that she marries in secret from all, then it can mean excessive gossips around her moral shape. If dreams the woman that she decides to marry, then it is the sign of the fact that her virtues will be appreciated. However if at the same time parents do not approve its choice, then in real life she should not count on support of close people. If dreamed you that you have fun at a wedding, then be ready to failures in life. If dreams the bride that her beloved married another, then in reality she will be gnawed by causeless jealousy. If you dream your wedding, then wait for unpleasant news from those who it is far now. However if at a wedding all guests cheerful and joyful, then and news are pleasant. If dreamed the young woman that at the wedding she sees the person in mourning clothes, then its matrimony will be unsuccessful. If she sees the person in mourning at others wedding, then it predicts an unsuccessful marriage someone from her friends or relatives. Also it can warn that the planned travel will be saddened or ruined with unpleasant news. If dreams the woman that she marries the decrepit old man, then this dream warns about a disease. If dreams you that you one of numerous guests at a wedding, then this dream promises you expansion of your business. Besides, the ideas introduced by the loved one very much will please you. If dreams the young woman that she marries, however at the same time she feels unfortunate or indifferent, then it predicts disappointment in love and also a possible disease.

Subject: Love
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