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Cemetery - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see yourself at the well-groomed cemetery, promises receiving good news from about what health you worried. Besides, the probability that will return you something that from you it was taken away is high. To dream about the overgrown abandoned cemetery means that you will live up to that time when all your family leaves you, and care of you will be undertaken by foreign people. If dreamed the young man that he walks on the cemetery, then it is a symbol of the fact that it will manage to get love of friends. However it is possible that he will not be able to cope with grief. The dream in which the bride on the way on a marriage ceremony passes through the cemetery, means that she risks to lose the husband during the travel. For mother the dream in which bears a bouquet of fresh flowers at the cemetery, means that members of her family will be in full health. For the young widow the dream in which goes on the cemetery, means that the possibility of a fast new marriage is not excluded. If at the same time it in sad mood, then it not to avoid efforts and regrets. For old people to dream the cemetery is foretold by death. To dream as small children frolic at the cemetery, means that good changes approach. Besides, the similar dream promises long happy life.

Subject: Phenomena
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