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Lark - interpretation of a dream

If in a dream you see the larks flying on the sky, then in reality you are inclined to set before yourself the high purposes which achievement will advance you on the way of self-improvement. To listen to singing of a lark means that you will be very happy in the new house, and affairs will be successful. To kill a lark means that the tricks you will cause offense to the innocent person. If in a dream you see how the lark promptly falls to the ground, continuing to sing at the same time, then in real life you will fall into melancholy, without seeing an exit from current situation. To catch a lark and to cage him means that you will quickly win someone's love. The wounded or dead lark predicts grief or death. If dreamed you that larks fly to you towards, then in reality the destiny will surely smile to you. The dream in which larks peck kernels, predicts a plentiful harvest.

Subject: Birds
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Be sure and keep any other thoughts out of your mind before drifting to sleep as a cluttered mind can decrease the chances that you will remember your dreams upon waking. Also, focusing on remembering your dreams upon waking in the morning is another very important thing. This sounds very easy, but is often hard for some to do. Interpret a dream by "dictionary dream of interpretation"

When you very first wake up, simply think about your dreams. Don't allow your mind to drift off to other things, just lay there and think about the things you dreamt about the night before - dictionary dream meaning.