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Milk - interpretation of a dream

To drink in a dream milk - by a plentiful harvest and family wellbeing. Such dream promises travelers the successful road. Also this dream is favorable for women. To dream a lot of milk - prediction of wealth and health. To trade in milk means that to you the great luck is prepared. To pour milk and to distribute it to others means that you will be too prodigal. To spill milk means that you are expected by small loss. Dirty milk dreams to small troubles, sour - to concern. You will worry about the friends to whom there was misfortune. If in a dream you want to drink milk, but for any reason you do not manage it, then in real life be careful to lose favor of the influential person or some valuable thing. To dream hot milk - to fight. However finally your persistence and wealth will bring you a victory. The dream in which you bathe in milk, promises various vital pleasures and joy of communication with friends.

Subject: Drinks
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The word Milk or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Cattle Donkey

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