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Coffee - interpretation of a dream

If dreamed you that you have coffee, then be ready that your friends will not approve your choice of the partner in life. Family people after such dream expect disagreement and a quarrel. To trade in coffee means that to you failures in commercial affairs are prepared. To buy coffee - the sign of the fact that you with ease will return the money invested in business. If dreams the young woman that she makes coffee, then she will become an object for gossips. If it fries coffee beans, then it will be able to avoid a rumor, having married the foreigner. The coffee thick dreamed promises successful fight against enemies. Green coffee means that you will have sworn enemies who will not give you mercy and will try to destroy you. The dream in which you are in coffee shop, means that you risk to make friends with unworthy people who will involve you in an intrigue. If the coffee grinder dreamed you, then you are on the edge of an abyss and you need to mobilize all forces to keep.

Subject: Drinks
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The word of Coffee or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: To buy Thick

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