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Rain - interpretation of a dream

To get in a dream under streams of a clean summer rain means that you are expected by joy. The feeling of youth will return to you. If during a rain you see heavy low clouds, then unexpected news will disturb you. The dream in which you manage to disappear from a rain because it means is favorable, as in reality you will be able to avoid problems and troubles. To watch a rain through a windowpane - to progress and favor of destiny. To hear disturbing noise of a rain in a dream foretells a disease. To hear in a dream as drops of a rain are drummed on a roof - means happiness and small house pleasures. The destiny will be favorable to you. If in a dream you see that the roof of your house proceeds, and clear water from above flows, then such dream means that you should avoid doubtful pleasures. If the flowing-down streams dirty and muddy, then expect all troubles and dangers. To see that others were caught in the rain, means that in reality you will not be able to trust the friends. If you got wet in the rain to the skin, then you should not be so open with strangers. For the woman such dream can foretell excessive levity and condemnation of people around. If in a dream you were caught in a pouring rain, then can count a reward or salary increase. If you dream a warm summer rain, then in your family life there will come full idyll of which you dreamed so long ago.

Subject: Nature
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