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Hair - interpretation of a dream

If in a dream the young woman combs the beautiful well-groomed hair, then in reality she does not attach due significance to the private life. If dreams the man that he begins to grow bald, then it warns him against wastefulness which can lead to serious financial problems. If dreams you that your hair turn gray, then such dream can predict fast death of the close friend or relative. If you dreamed about the young young man or the girl with a gray hair, be ready to loss. Perhaps, your life will be left by the beloved. With extra care the woman because troubles can occur through her fault should treat a similar dream. If women with a gray hair dreamed the young person, she should be careful of competitors as she risks to lose the gentleman. If dreamed you that all your body is covered with hair, then, perhaps, you excessively indulge in pleasures of flesh, and it can lead to problems in communication with people around. Black curly hair - a symbol of flirtation and temptation. If they dream the young woman, then she can fall a victim of a love intrigue. If dreamed the man that he has such head of hear, then he will dement many women. Red hair - an inconstancy symbol. If dreamed the young man that his beloved has red hair, then he has to be ready to jealousy. Snow-white hair mean that the destiny will be favorable to you. If dreams the woman that she has hair of different color, then it means that in real life she will face a choice problem. If she is rather judicious, then her life will change for the better. To see a voluminous hair - to wellbeing. If dreams you that your hair are cleaned in a hairstyle thoroughly, then it can mean that you are expected by good luck. If dreamed you that you are close-cut, be ready to financial problems because of your wastefulness. A wild hair can mean that you are trapped by problems in affairs and family life. If dreamed the young woman that she cannot comb hair, then she should pacify the obstinate temper. The dream in which you were cut, warns that you should be ready to deception and disappointment. If hair begin to drop out, then it means serious monetary difficulties. If dreamed the man that he touches gentle female curls, is a good omen. Such dream promises it mutual love with the good woman who will be faithful to it, despite everything. If dreamed you that your hair are decorated with flowers, then to you not to avoid troubles. However they will be much less serious, than seemed initially.

Subject: Parts of a body
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Word Hair or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Hand

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