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Teeth - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see teeth, warns about the troubles caused by communication with sick or foolish people. If dreamed you that at you teeth drop out, then, perhaps, ahead of you series of alarms and troubles expect. If your tooth is extracted by the stomatologist, then it is the sign of a serious long illness. If to you beat out tooth, then you are trapped by an unexpected problem either in business, or with health. A dream in which you see what all your teeth in an order and on the place, means that the black strip of your life at last will be replaced by light. If dreams you that you brush or rinse teeth, you should fight for advocating the interests zealously. If to you have a denture made or you use a denture, then, perhaps, you should face ordeals which, at application of due efforts, you will be able to overcome. The dream in which you consider the teeth warns you. Be careful in affairs, enemies do not doze. If at the same time you admire the equal white teeth, then it is the sign of satisfaction reached. To dream decayed teeth - to troubles in affairs or with the health caused by excessive tension. If you spit out teeth, then the disease threatens you or your relatives. The dream in which you cured teeth and also got rid of a scale and a raid, says that you will manage to get out of paws of a long disease. Affairs at work will also take a turn for the better. However if dreams you that, despite the done procedures, you had a raid on teeth again, then you should be careful of unreliable people who can fairly spoil to you life. If dreamed you that to you extracted tooth, however you cannot find a blank space where it was, then it means that you after all decide to refuse planned before business. But later you secretly from others will return to it from what have vague satisfaction.

Subject: Parts of a body
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Word Teeth or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: To spit Toothless White Dentist Lion

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