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Legs - interpretation of a dream

For the man the dream in which he admires graceful female legs, means that he risks to lose the head because of a certain person and will look rather silly. If ugly legs dreamed you, then you should be engaged in obviously unsuccessful affairs, and your friends will show the worst lines. The wounded legs dream to losses and diseases. If dreamed you that you have a wooden leg, then you will unfair behave in relation to the friends. If dreamed you that your legs are covered with ulcers, then in reality you risk to be too generous. If dreamed you that you have three legs or even more, then it warns you against illusions concerning the expected income. The dream which legs refused to you prophesies poverty and deprivations. If in a dream to you amputate a leg, then in life it can turn back loss of friends and family disorders. For the young woman the dream in which she admires the legs, means that she is excessively vain that will take away from it the admirer. If dreamed the woman that she has hairy legs, then in life she will mistreat the husband. To see the legs harmonious and beautiful - to the successful future and loyal friends.

Subject: Parts of a body
Look also: Boots Stockings Shoes
The word of the Leg or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Callosities

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