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Stomach - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see the stomach, promises you the opening prospects. However you should make efforts to achieve results, and not to neglect anything. If your stomach looks wrinkled, be careful of slander. If the stomach looks blown up, then you are expected by troubles, but you will be able to cope with them. To dream that from your stomach blood exudes, - the sign of misfortune or the tragedy in your family. If dreamed you that the child is hurt by a tummy, then you should be protected infectious diseases. If the stomach hurts you, then it can mean that you will not manage to execute conceived. If the stomach without navel dreamed you, then wait for a shock from which it will be difficult for you to recover. For the woman such dream can foretell a serious illness or even the death of the spouse. To dream means the person with very pot-belly that efforts on the house, related to children are coming you. For the pregnant woman to dream about itself without stomach means normal course of pregnancy and safe permission from a burden.

Subject: Parts of a body
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