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Hand - interpretation of a dream

The dreamed beautiful well-groomed hands mean that success and fulfillment of desires is provided to you. Ugly hands - a symbol of need and disappointment. The dream in which you see the covered with wounds hands, means that someone will achieve success before you. If you see blood on the hands, then soon you move away from family. To burn hands means that you will not calculate the forces and you will not be able to achieve planned. If the hand separately from a body dreamed you, then it is the sign of loneliness. It will be difficult for you to find mutual understanding with other people. To see the hands the covered hair means that you are not fated to strengthen the positions there where you got now. If dreams you that you have excessively big hands, then such dream predicts rapid progress in your affairs. To see them unnaturally little - means, in affairs expects you stagnation. Dirty hands mean that in reality you will be pursued by envy. To wash hands - to the coming joyful event or a party. If in a dream the woman admires the hands, then in reality she will deserve sincere respect of the person whom she appreciates most of all. To admire hands of other people means that she will become dependent on the man who will be jealous her. For the young woman the dream in which the man holds her by hands, foretells obscene offers. If the man kisses her hands, then she should be afraid of gossips. The dream in which the woman makes fire is favorable, without burning at the same time hands as it means what will manage to achieve the power and public recognition. To dream himself with the connected hands warns you that you risk to get into difficulties. However if you manage to release hands, then you will be able to subordinate others to the will.

Subject: Parts of a body
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