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Fingers - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see the dirty or scratched fingers a dream means that you are expected by troubles and sufferings. To you not to avoid disappointments and despair. To dream beautiful hands with white fingers - means that your love will be mutual and your generosity will be repaid. If in a dream to you cut off fingers, then beware of intrigues of enemies who try to deprive of you wealth and inheritance. If you see that you on a hand do not have finger, then for the woman this dream foretells misfortune which can happen to her child, and for the man it predicts loss of respect of friends or colleagues. The lack of a thumb predicts need, deprivations and loneliness. To dream the thumb is meant by protection of certain influential people, however your situation will be uncertain for a long time. If the thumb is wounded, then be careful in business. The dream in which you with surprise find out that one of fingers is much more of others, means that destiny to you the situation in which you had not to appear yet is prepared. If the thumb seems unnaturally small, then your pleasures will be fleeting and short-term. If it is unnaturally big, then you are expected by the great stunning success. The dirty thumb dreams to satisfaction of your passions. Too big nail on a thumb foretells that in a pursuit of doubtful pleasures you will get into trouble.

Subject: Parts of a body
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Word Fingers or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Ring Red Ink Pineapple Cancer

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