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Dog - interpretation of a dream

If the dog who growls and rushes on you dreamed you, then you should be careful of intrigues of enemies and if the dog makes advances to you - it is to wellbeing and loyal friends. If dreamed you that at your dog an excellent family tree and great qualities, then wait for wealth. To dream that for you the police dog follows in the tracks, means that you will be tempted by temptations on which threatens to give in big troubles. If you dream small doggies, it means that your thoughts are too frivolous. If dreamed you that you were bitten by a dog, then be careful in communication with the people surrounding you as they can be too troublemaking. The dreamed lean dogs can mean crash in business and also a disease of children. If you dream an exhibition of dogs, it is sign of favor of destiny. The barking dog foretells that you are expected by bad news. If dreamed you that dogs exhaust a fox or other animal, your affairs will go brilliantly. To dream small domestic doggies means that, perhaps, you are too selfish. If such doggies dream the young woman, they can predict her the groom in whom there is too much an ostentatious luster. If in a dream you are frightened by a big dog, then in reality you will feel awkward because you will stand out from the crowd. For the young woman such dream promises the outstanding husband. To hear bark and growl of dogs means that you too come under influence of the people surrounding you who not always wish well to you. Bark of a lonely dog predicts long separation from the loved one or even his death. If you dream rack of the fighting dogs, then be ready to intrigues of enemies. Perhaps, in your life the depression period begins. If dreamed you that the dog kills a cat, then it predicts the successful transaction and unexpected joy. If dreams you that dogs and cats peacefully get on with each other, and then suddenly rush at each other, then it is the sign of the fact that you are expected by crash in love affairs. However if in a dream you managed to separate them, then and in life you will manage to avoid a gap with darling. If the white kind dog approaches you, you are expected by the tempting offer, whether it be in affairs or in love. For the woman it is the sign of a fast marriage. If the dog with a set of the heads dreamed you, it means that you seek to capture too many cases. For the person seeking to achieve success, such dream is a reminder that if all covet, all lose. To dream means a mad dog that all your efforts to reach the desirable are vain. Besides, the serious disease can comprehend you. If the mad dog manages to bite you, then it warns that you or someone from your relatives on the verge of madness and that there can be something tragic. If dreams you that you travel, and only the faithful dog accompanies you, then such dream promises loyal friends and success in all undertakings. If you dream floating dogs, then it means that the fate will smile to you. If in your dream the dog kills a snake, it is good luck harbinger.

Subject: Animals
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