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Snake - interpretation of a dream

Dreams about snakes warn about the evil in its various manifestations. The dream in which the young woman sees how she is bitten by a dead snake, warns about danger which expects it from the person who is pretending to be her friend. If you dream the coiling snake, then you should struggle with destiny. If dreamed you that you kill a snake, then in real life you should apply forces to advocate the interests. In the near future you will see that you defeated the foes. If dreamed you that you are forced to step through snakes, then it warns you that your health is threatened by danger, and your competitors try to survive you. If dreamed you that you were bitten by a snake, then it will be difficult for you to resist under the influence of foes who will try to do much harm to you. To dream as the snake is twisted with rings around you and is going to bite you, means that in real life you are expected by a situation in which you will be powerless before the foes. If dreamed you that you hold a snake in hand, then it is the bulletin of the fact that you will manage to defeat the generosity enemies. The dream in which you see that instead of hair at you on the head dragons teem, says that you attach too much significance to trifles. If you dream dragons which have the unnatural form, an appearance or a coloring, then such dream symbolizes that in reality you will face troubles which on closer examination will be absolutely insignificant. If dreamed you that you ford the river teeming with snakes, then be careful as where you hoped for success, you are expected by problems. If you see how snakes bite other people, then it is possible that you complicate the relations with your familiar overestimated requirements to them. If the whole lump of small snakes dreamed you, then you should not be too open with people because they can use it and deceive you. If dreams you that children play with snakes, then, perhaps, life will put you in a difficult situation when it is difficult for you to define who to you the enemy and who - the friend. If in a dream the woman hears hissing of a snake, then it warns her that she will be forced to refuse what she had the right to count on. If you dream the friend to whom from a back the snake creeps up, then you will manage to save him from troubles and, maybe, even to open a plot against it. In case snakes submit to your friend, you can hope that some external force will help you to avoid a trouble. The dream in which the woman sees that she is hypnotized by a snake, foretells that her rights will be violated, however by means of loyal friends and the law she will manage to advocate the interests.

Subject: Animals
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