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Horse - interpretation of a dream

To dream horses - the sign of the fact that you will accumulate wealth and to fully enjoy life. To jump astride a white beautiful horse - the good omen predicting the pleasures connected with people close to you. If a horse thin and dirty, be afraid of treachery from envious persons. A black horse - good luck symbol, however on the way to it you risk to make an unworthy act. Such dream can mean incorrectness of the husband for the married woman. The Kaury horse - a prosperity symbol, however it will not bring you satisfaction. A horse in apples - to profit. To see itself astride a bay horse - a symbol of success in life. Also such dream can mean satisfaction of passion. It can mean excessive compliance in exchange for material benefits for the woman. If dreams you that you go astride a horse, and the horse suddenly incurred, then it is quite possible that your interests will be infringed because of an act of the friend or the person holding a high position. To see that the horse runs away from you in herd, foretells a disease of friends. Beautiful stallions dream to success in affairs, mares - to mutual understanding in family. If you move by wading the small river, then you are expected by good luck, entertainments and pleasures soon. However if a current rough, then these pleasures disappoint you. If dreams you that you cross the transparent clean river on a back of a horse, then in affairs you will be accompanied by good luck. If the wounded horse dreamed you, wait for troubles with friends. A dead horse - sign of disappointment. To dream means the kicking horse that the majority of your desires are hard-hitting. If you try to train an obstinate horse who dumps you, then wait for the serious competition. However if you manage to tame it and to throw over it a harness, then and in reality you will cope with all troubles. If the horse kicked you, then be ready that your love will be rejected. If you do not manage to catch a horse, then prepare that in reality the destiny will play a dirty trick with you. To find in a dream a horseshoe - to a great luck. For the woman such dream promises the faithful careful husband. If you ground a horse in a dream, then, perhaps, you will try to acquire property in the doubtful way. If you try to ground a horse too small broken horseshoe, then of real life you will be accused in moshennichestveson in which you see race horses, says that the speed of life achieved by you weighs you. The dream in which you participate in jumps is favorable. If dreamed you that you killed a horse, then it means that in life you think only of yourself, and it will painfully wound your relatives. If in a dream you go on a bareback horse, then it is sign that all your achievements are got by incredible efforts. If dreams the man that he goes on a bareback horse to the companies of men - it is to deserved success and the help of friends, in the company of women - to impossibility to reach the desirable because of excessive hobby for an opposite sex. To dream that you put a horse mane or a tail in order, - foretells that you can become the good financier or the farmer. If the dray horse with load dreamed you, then be ready to difficulties on the ways to prosperity and love. If in a dream you try to drive on the hill, however the horse falls, but all of you reach hill top, then in reality you will manage to achieve planned, despite all difficulties and problems. If you drive on top on a horse, then in real life you will be able to achieve success and strong situation. To go down astride a horse from the hill means that the course of your affairs will disappoint you. The dream in which the young woman goes on a black horse, promises it communication with interesting people. Some of her desires will unexpectedly be granted. If dreams the young woman that her beloved goes after her, then it means that she will have success with many famous and successful men. If dreams it that she is frightened, then it will be pursued by jealousy of the loved one.

Subject: Animals
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