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Cats - interpretation of a dream

If the cat dreamed you, then it can symbolize failure if only you do not drive her away. If in a dream the cat attacks you, then in reality you are expected by intrigues of enemies. However if all of you banished her, then you will manage to overcome all obstacles. To see a lean dirty cat means that you receive bad news from the absent close people. To someone from friends there will be misfortune. But if you drive a cat away, then your friend will recover after a serious illness. To hear miaow of cats can warn you that behind a mask of the friend the enemy hides. If in a dream the cat scratched you, then your competitors will manage to deprive of you income on which you so counted. The dream in which the young woman keeps on hands of a kitten, means that she risks to get involved in a bad story because of unworthy behavior of other people. To dream a snow-white cat - to troubles to which you can initially not pay attention, but which will appear then are much more serious. If you are engaged in trade, then the dream about a cat urges you to be got to work with the trebled force as competitors try to survive you.

Subject: Animals
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The word of the Cat or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Ball White

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