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Scot - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see beautiful herds of peacefully grazed cattle, promises you prosperity which you will be able to achieve thanks to transactions with the favorable partner. To dream means the lean bare cattle that because you show consideration for affairs not enough and you spend energy on trifles, you are fated all life it is wearisome to work, hardly making ends meet. If herds of the running-away cattle dreamed you, then you should make every effort to remain at the won positions. If you see cows during milking, then in reality the unprecedented wealth will fall down you. If dreams you that you milk a cow with a full udder, then in reality you are waited by enviable destiny. If the calf drank milk at a cow, then you risk to lose darling, hesitating with manifestation of reciprocity. Also your property can suffer from bad business management. To dream means calfs that you will be accompanied by success in society. Such dream promises to the businessman big profits on trade; the lover - strong and right love.

Subject: Animals
Look also: Bull Cows Calf Herd
Word the Cattle or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: To feed Hay Kitchen garden Straw Louse

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