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Money - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you found money, means that to replace small efforts and problems success will come. A dream in which you give money, - to failures. If on the contrary you receive (especially gold) - to wealth and wellbeing. To lose money - to problems in affairs and to disorders in family. If in a dream you recalculate money and find their shortcoming, then be in reality ready to large contingencies. If dreamed you that you are forced to save, then in real life you are expected by wealth. The dream in which you stole money, warns about danger and calls for care. If you consider notes or coins, then in real life your financial position entirely depends on you. If dreamed you that you borrowed the large sum of money, then it can mean that people around consider you the rich person, and some even the miser. If dreamed the young woman that she spent the lent money, then it can be a warning that because of the rashness she can lose the close friend.

Subject: Money
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