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Clothes - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you see clothes can have both negative, and positive value. Everything depends on how these clothes look. At interpretation of such dreams it is necessary to be attentive and to pay attention to how things look: naturally or not. If through clothes bright supernatural light makes the way, and the faces of the people dressed in these clothes are distorted, take care: on a course of life terrible misfortunes can wait for you. If the beautiful, but got out of fashion clothes dreamed you, then this dream means that you are expected by good luck, however you risk to miss it because of the conservative views. The dream in which you refuse old-fashioned clothes, foretells that in life you are waited by new friends, new affairs, new love, and all this can make of you absolutely other person. To dream itself and people around dressed in white - to grief. To go in a dream together with the person dressed in white - to a disease of this person. However if it is the young woman or the child, then on life you will be surrounded only by pleasant people. If you dream yourself and others in black attires, then be ready to quarrels, disappointments and intrigues of competitors. Yellow clothes - the sign of the coming fun, good luck, wellbeing. However be careful if from clothes shine as it can warn about changes to the worst proceeds. Blue clothes - the sign of correctness of your attempts to achieve success and also a symbol of fidelity of your friends. Crimson or dark red clothes - the sign of safe disposal of intrigues of enemies on condition of entering of amendments into your plans. Green clothes - the sign of happiness and prosperity. Multi-colored clothes - the sign of fast changes. Perhaps, it will be difficult for you to sort that there is a good and that - the evil. If dreams you that your clothes are not pleasant to you, then it means that your outlooks on life are too changeable. Because of it you risk to make a mistake. If dreams the young woman that she is dissatisfied with the clothes, then it warns her about a set of small obstacles in a way to planned. If she sees herself in transparent black attires, then it is sign of grief and disappointment. If she admires clothes of others, then it should not give a cause for envy. The dream in which you lost something from clothes, warns about possible concerns both in love, and in commercial affairs. If you dream dirty ripped clothes, then beware of deception, avoid strangers. To dream clean new clothes - to success in affairs. If dreams you that before you a set of various attires and you cannot stop the choice on something in any way, then and in life you will be tormented by doubts. Such dream can mean the crash of hopes for young people.

Subject: Clothes and jewelry
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