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to Fight - interpretation of a dream

If dreamed you that you fight, then in reality you are threatened by unpleasant meetings with competitors. Legal claims are not excluded. Try not to take resolute actions, otherwise you risk to draw troubles. To see yourself defeated a fight means that you risk to lose the property. If at the same time you still got the bleeding wound, be careful as your interests can be betrayed by those whom you considered as the friends. To watch how others fight - to dissolute expenditure of money. To separate fighting - the sign of the fact that you are dissatisfied with the current situation and you seek to achieve bigger. Such dream can mean for the woman that behind her back gossips and rumors go. If the young woman sees the beloved fighting, then it is the sign of the fact that it is unworthy her love. If in a dream you whip the opponent a switch - to a worthy victory in hard fight. You will surely achieve the desirable. If the duel on which two are shot dreamed you, then you are expected by a certain difficult situation. However such dream does not foretell anything especially bad.

Subject: Action
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