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to Hide - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you hide something, means that in reality you will get into a difficult situation. For the young woman the dream in which she hides any thing, means that around her name too many gossips go, however her behavior will dispel all gossip. If dreamed you that you try to hide the bald head, then in real life you hide the real face from others, even the closest. If in a dream you see an ostrich who hides the head, then it means that you seek to evade responsibility. If in a dream you feel fear and very much want to hide somewhere, then in reality you are not sure of correctness of the acts made by you that causes you a lot of concern. If dreamed you that you play hide-and-seek, then in real life you quite often lack attention and care from relatives. A dream in which you understand that your friend somewhere hides, but you cannot find it in any way, means that in your relations the conflict is about to happen, however is still reparable.

Subject: Action
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