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Letter - interpretation of a dream

As a rule, the dream in which you see the letter brings chagrin. If the registered mail dreamed you, then be in reality ready that good relations with someone will break against financial interests. Such dream means for the young woman that, perhaps, will make her not too decent proposal connected with a certain work. Such dream can mean for the young man in love that his heavy presentiments will come true, and his darling will prefer attention and gifts of others. If the anonymous letter dreamed you, then the person from whom you least of all expected it can offend you. If the anonymous letter is written by you, then in real life you will be pursued by jealousy. The dream in which you learn about some troubles from the received letter, foretells difficulties and diseases. If news pleasant, then wait for pleasures. If the letter is written on color paper, you should be afraid to be deceived and deprived. It is good when the letter is written by blue ink as it means constancy in love and success in affairs. Red ink symbolizes the estrangement connected with jealousy. For the young woman the dream in which she receives the letter from darling and hides it at heart, foretells appearance of the serious competitor. If in a dream you do not manage to read the received letter, be ready to losses in business or public life. The dream in which you try to hide the received letter from darling, means that you spend the energy on trifles. To see the letter with a black border - foretells troubles and misfortunes with someone from relatives. If dreamed you that you received the letter written on black paper by white ink, then from bitter disappointments you will be saved only by support of friends. If in a dream you receive the letter from the spouse (or spouses), then you should be more tolerant to each other as mutual recriminations can lead to a divorce. To write the letter means that in the circumstances you are inclined to draw hasty conclusions about which you will soon regret. To tear the letter means that you risk to make a mistake which can ruin your reputation. To take the received letter in hand means that it will be difficult for you to behave honestly in relation to colleagues and members of household. If to you it became regular to dream that you receive the letter from the friend, then wait for it a visit, or any other news of it.

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