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Table - interpretation of a dream

To set in a dream the table means that to you the happy union is foreordained. To clear the table - the sign of the fact that present pleasures will be replaced by troubles soon. To dream about empty tables predicts poverty. If dreams you that you have dinner at a table on which there is no cloth, nature independent and independent means you. To see the soiled cloth on a table means disobedience of children or subordinates. If dreamed you that the table somehow strange moves, then be ready that your relation to life will be characterized by dissatisfaction and you will sharply feel need of changes. The broken table - a failure symbol. If any of your acquaintances dreamed you sitting at a table, then you should be careful of this person as for achievement of the purposes he is capable to go to anything. The dream in which you sit at a desk, means unforeseen difficulties. To dream on a table about money - the sign of the fact that you will be able to find a way out of an impasse.

Subject: House utensils
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The word Table or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Service

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