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Friend - interpretation of a dream

If happy friends dreamed you - wait for pleasant news, even the meeting with someone from the family or relatives is possible. To see friends in a trouble or in a disease means that in reality they are threatened by problems with health. The same means a dream in which you see the friend with the darkened person. If you dream the friend in shape of an animal, then be attentive as your enemies try to bring contention in your life. The bright red clothes in which your friend is dressed, mean that you are threatened by troubles and losses. If the motionless figure of your friend located on the height dreamed you, then you can expect outstanding success, having kept at the same time former outlooks on life and not having lost the kind relations with friends. However if the figure of the friend is located below, then you should pay for success at the price of loss of the friend. If the figure is bred flush with you, then you should not expect success. If dreams you as the figure of the friend moves away from you, then probably in reality you will try to bring changes in the life, risking to lose friends. If dreamed you that the friend tortures to hide the face, then be ready to deception from the one who gives himself for your friend. If in a dream you shake hands with the person who is unpleasant to you, then in reality you can lose the loved one.

Subject: Feelings and feelings
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