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White - interpretation of a dream

To dream itself and people around dressed in white - to grief. To go in a dream together with the person dressed in white - to a disease of this person. However if it is the young woman or the child, then on life you will be surrounded only by pleasant people. If in a dream the woman sees at herself standing white stockings, then such dream is caution. She is threatened by sad disappointments or diseases. To dream about a snow-white bed - by a happy end of your undertakings. If the white kind dog approaches you, you are expected by the tempting offer whether it be in affairs or in love. For the woman it is the sign of a fast marriage. To jump astride a white beautiful horse - the good omen predicting the pleasures connected with people close to you. If a horse thin and dirty, be afraid of treachery from envious persons. To dream a snow-white cat - to troubles to which you can initially not pay attention, but which will appear then are much more serious. If the woman dreams a beautiful white kitten, then she should be careful as enemies will try to entice deception it into smartly set a trap; she should rely on an intuition and common sense. A polar bear - a warning of possible deception. You risk to be deceived, having had wishful thinking. However if you see a skin of a polar bear, then you will be able to overcome all foes. To dream about a white bull means that you will rise by higher step, than those who, without thinking, are in the fashion. Such dream always means profit. The dream in which you see peacefully floating white swans as it promises prosperity and wellbeing is very favorable. It is also good if the white donkey as he promises you long success that will allow you to achieve pleasures and knowledge for which your heart strives dreamed you. Such dream promises to the woman entry into society to which she long and persistently sought to get. Snow-white hair mean that the destiny will be favorable to you. If in a dream you admire the equal white teeth, then it is the sign of satisfaction reached. White flowers - to grief. If in a dream you cut off white chrysanthemums, then in reality to you not to avoid losses and disappointments. White roses foretell a serious disease. However if you see them in the solar morning with yet not dried dew drops, then you have nothing to be afraid. If dreamed you that you received the letter written on black paper by white ink, then from bitter disappointments you will be saved only by support of friends.

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