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Darling - interpretation of a dream

If dreamed you that you kiss the darling in the dark, then to you not to avoid condemnation and gossips from people around; if by the light of - to worthy behavior of you. If dreams the bride that her darling married another, then in reality she will be gnawed by causeless jealousy. The dream in which you are upset that your darling is indifferent to you in reality will torment you a question of the choice between matrimony and independent life. If dreams you that your husband or the wife love you, then it means that nothing threatens your family happiness, and your children will please you. Treason to darling - to deception of you. If dreamed you that darling changes you, then be ready that can abuse your trust. However if you change from revenge, then your family life will be trouble-free. To receive the photo from the darling means that he does not love you, and only uses for achievement of the purposes. For the young woman the dream in which her beloved gives her beautiful expensive gifts, promises to her the rich decent husband. If in a dream you walk in the beautiful well-groomed park with the darling, then the dream promises you pleasant pastime and also successful matrimony. For the young woman to dream that she has dinner with darling, means that they are threatened by a quarrel and even parting. However if they are very happy with a lunch, then their relations will be cloudless. To say goodbye to darling means that in reality you will feel his indifference. If at farewell you do not feel grief, then in your life there will be many admirers.

Subject: Love
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