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Fence - interpretation of a dream

The dream in which you climbed on a fence, means that all your undertakings will be successful. To fall from a fence means that you will get down to business of which are not capable, and be convinced in practice that all your efforts will be fruitless. To creep through a hole in a fence means that for achievement of the purpose you will use illegal methods. If in a dream you sit on a fence, and the fence suddenly falls, then such dream foretells accident. If in a dream on your way the fence meets, you break it, step through it and go further, means that you will manage to make something global. The dream in which the herd of pets moves to your yard through a fence symbolizes the help unexpected, but so necessary for you. If animals, on the contrary, run away through a fence away, then you are expected by losses in trade and another matters. If in a dream you build a fence, then in reality fruits of your work are not noticeable yet, however you precisely know that you lay the foundation for future welfare. The similar dream promises the girl success in love affairs.

Subject: Parts of buildings
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The word Fence or its synonyms meet in oneiromancy: Pattern Horseshoe Ice

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